Data Policy

We give you the power to share as part of our mission to make the world more open and connected. This policy describes what information we collect and how it is used and shared. You can find additional tools and information at Privacy Basics.

As you review our policy, keep in mind that it applies to all Facebook brands, products and services that do not have a separate privacy policy or that link to this policy, which we call the “TDGLIFE Services” or “Services.”

What Others See About You

Take control over who sees what you share on TDGLIFE.

  • How do I choose who can see photos and other things I post on TDGLIFE?
  • How do I delete something I post on TDGLIFE?
  • How can I see what my profile looks like to someone else?
  • Can other people see my list of friends when they visit my profile?
  • What do people who aren’t my friends see when they search for me?
  • Who can see my likes and comments on other peoples’ posts?
  • Who can see a photo I post on TDGLIFE when someone else is tagged in it?
  • How do I deactivate or delete my Facebook account?

How Others Interact With You

Manage how others affect you and your content.

What You See

Customize what you see from friends and advertisers.

How to Keep Your Account Secure

Learn about features to help protect your account and things you should avoid.

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